Project Description

About Megan

Megan Simper is a singer/songwriter based in Logan, UT. Her musical career began as the daughter of apiano teacher who provided Megan with classical training. Megan graduated from Utah State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Guitar Performance.Currently, Megan blends guitar, mandolin and vocals to give form to emotional and experiential landscapes that words fail to capture.


Reflecting the sense and stillness Megan finds in the voices of trees, rivers and mountains, her music serves not only to open herself to a purity of being but provide space for others to do the same. A sound that melds classical, folk, bluegrass and blues moves engaged listeners through time, expressing that which has always existed underneath the surface. With deep gratitude for this process, Megan hopes to bring forth people’s light by finding the sacred moments where performer and audience arrive at oneness, together understanding the power of stillness, patience and spirit.