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Diversity is a core value for individuals and society. When diversity is embraced, social, intellectual, and economic gains are observed. While institutions use policies and procedures to structure and integrate diversity into organizations, the manner in which individuals navigate cross- and multi-cultural exchanges can be much more treacherous. Many individuals often fail. These failures leave them feeling vulnerable, ineffective and drive them to avoid future interactions. Dr. Domenech Rodríguez makes the case for continuing to engage –to “fail better” — with each interaction. She gives specific pointers for navigating early failures and encouragement for staying the course.

About Melanie

Melanie M. Domenech Rodríguez has been a professor of psychology at Utah State University since 2000. Her research focuses on family processes in Spanish-speaking Latino families, cultural adaptations of evidence-based interventions, and professional ethics.

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It was through her work with a variety of Latino subgroups in the U.S. as well as Mexico and Puerto Rico that Dr. Domenech Rodríguez developed true expertise in diversity issues. The wide variety in values, beliefs, and practices within the Latino ethnic group provided her with truly multicultural and cross-cultural work and life experiences. Melanie teaches Multicultural Psychology to undergraduate students as well as graduate seminars in Diversity Issues in Treatment and Assessment and Professional Ethics.

At home, Melanie has two vibrant daughters; María Luisa, a seasoned thespian, and Ana Cecilia, an energetic 4th grader who loves animals. The three often visit family in Puerto Rico. Melanie is a licensed psychologist in Utah, Idaho and Puerto Rico. She obtained her doctoral degree at Colorado State University in 1999.