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3 surprising myths about the benefits of your mobile device

The Talk

More than ever before we are tethered to work through our cell phone or other mobile device. We check an online report while at a child’s soccer or baseball game. We read work email while out to dinner with friends. How does this affect our lives, our relationships, and our happinessboth as employees and as people? What could life be like if we cut the proverbial cord? Or if we at least mindfully cut it on a regular basis? How would that affect the most important people in our lives?

About Merideth

Dr. Merideth Thompson is an Associate Professor in the Management Department of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. Dr. Thompson earned her Ph.D. in Organization Studies from Vanderbilt University.

She focuses her research on two main areas: bad employee behavior and the work-family interface.  She is particularly interested in how abusive supervision and workplace incivility cross over to affect an employee’s family experiences. Thompson’s current research also investigates the impact of toxic workplaces on employee health and healthcare costs.


Merideth has two sons who are the light of her life. In her spare time, she serves as a ruling elder at First Presbyterian Church.  Rock climbing and baking are a few of the ways she untethers from work, with the fruits of her baking labors being pawned off on her friends and coworkers. If she weren’t a professor, her dream job would be as a back up singer or roadie for the Dixie Chicks, because every now and then, like the Chicks, she just “isn’t ready to make nice.”