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Without the arts, our lives would be black and white. Arts and arts education add the color, the spice, the pleasantness to our lives. Some use the arts as an escape and some use the arts for acceptance–Not everyone is an athlete, not everyone is a scientist. We all find our own place to fit in, but the arts have a profound effect on our lives. If we go to a film and the score–the music–is removed, the experience at the film is not complete. the emotional reaction would not be the same. The arts provide the soundtrack for our lives.

About Mike

A professor of guitar at Utah State University and Utah’s 2012 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Utah Professor of the Year, Michael Christiansen earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Utah State and joined the music department faculty in 1977. Throughout his career Christiansen has combined a passion for teaching and performing. He is a noted guitarist and has performed with entertainment and industry giants. Christiansen has authored top-selling guitar instruction books and writes and arranges music.