Project Description

The internet is trolling you

The Talk

In our current society, information moves more quickly than ever before. In such an environment, every bit of information fights for your attention. Currently, this fight has led to a proliferation of bad information – fake news, propaganda and disinformation. This clickbait is created to manipulate you, to generate revenue, and, sometimes, to spur action. How do we navigate this confusing new world? The answer is both simple and complex, and, in many cases, librarians are leading the way.

About Pamela

Pamela Martin hails from Memphis, TN, where she worked in bookstores before she realized it’s more fun to give books away for free. Possibly the loudest librarian in the history of the profession, Pamela attended graduate school at University of Tennessee and came to USU in 2004. She served as President of the Utah Library Association in 2015 and enjoys helping people navigate the ever-evolving information landscape.

She is currently teaching her infant daughter to love books and hoping her husband shoots an elk (legally & ethically) for dinner.