Project Description

The reality of human trafficking

The Talk

Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery, and this form of bondage affects individuals of all ethnicities, genders, ages and backgrounds. It is estimated that human trafficking brings in a revenue of $32 billion a year, and more than 17,000 people are trafficked into America each year.

The first step to ending this heinous crime is to talk about it. In this talk, I discuss my experience working with Tim Ballard, the founder of, to rescue more than one-hundred Colombian girls from being sold into child-sex slavery.

About Sean

In 2013, at the age of 42, the Honorable Sean Reyes was appointed by Governor Gary Herbert as Utah’s 21st Attorney General. General Reyes took over an office racked with scandal and inefficiency in the midst of some of the most significant constitutional issues in state history. Within a year, he reorganized and reenergized the office internally and recaptured the trust of the State with exemplary leadership, innovative programs and historic wins against human traffickers, drug dealers, child predators and white collar criminals. After winning election in 2014 by one of the largest margins nationwide, Reyes was selected in 2015 by the Republican National Committee as one of its four national rising stars.


Prior to taking office, Attorney General Reyes was a partner in a small venture fund, general counsel for a tech company and a litigation partner at Utah’s largest private law firm. He has been honored nationally and locally with a long list of awards for his legal skills, leadership and unparalleled commitment to public service and has founded and served multiple non-profit organizations.

Having had some success prosecuting the notorious human/child sex trafficker Victor Rax in Utah in early 2014, Attorney General Reyes decided to join an undercover sting in Colombia last October 2014 with Operation Underground Railroad, where he and a team comprised of former Department of Homeland Security special agent Tim Ballard and several courageous ex-military and civilian supporters rescued over 120 young girls (some as young as 12) from the hands of cartel members. Today, eradicating human and child trafficking in Utah remains a priority for AG Reyes along with other violent and white collar crimes against the most vulnerable in our society.

The son of a Spanish-Filipino immigrant father, who fled the Marcos regime and a Japanese-Hawaiian mother, AG Reyes is Utah’s first minority elected statewide. General Reyes and his wife, Saysha, are the proud parents of 6 children.