Project Description

The conversion

The Talk

What is the role of the student voice in the educational system? How much should students be allowed to participate in institutional and curriculum changes? When students are give n the ability, opportunity, and responsibility to articulate their experiences and change their realities, they will step up to the task and change the culture of their education.

About Taylor

Taylor Halversen is an honors student in her third year at Utah State University studying Communication Studies and Liberal Arts. Since spring semester 2011, she has been attempting to articulate student voice and perspective through the university system. As a result of her research, Halverson went on to intern at the Business Innovation Factory, a non-profit innovative design company station in Rhode Island, as a student experience consultant in the summer of 2012 and plans to continue her research to enhance student experience. Halversen received the A-pin award for academic achievement after only two years of study at USU and continues to strive for academic excellence. She craves learning and constant growth, largely in part to her experiences at Utah State University, and plans to live by a “Why not?” motto as she constantly seeks out new ways of understanding the world.