Calendar of Events


As events come closer, and as our office learns new information, this calendar will be updated to reflect accurate 2019-2020 event and deadline dates.



September 2019

Sept. 4: Fall Undergraduate Research Mentor Orientation
Sept. 6: Undergraduate Student Fall Research Orientation
Sept. 6: Student Fall Poster Session
Sept 1: UCUR Applications Open
Sept. 1: ROCH Applications Open
Sept 1: FSRS Applications Open
Sept. 30: NCUR Applications Open
Date TBD: POTH Applications Open

October 2019

Oct 1: Spring URCO Applications Open
Oct 15: Spring URCO Applications Close

November 2019

Nov 1: UCUR Applications Close
Nov. 1: ROCH Applications Close
Nov 1: FSRS Applications Close
Nov 1: POTH Applications Close

December 2019

Dec 5: Fall Undergraduate Student Research Symposium
Dec. 6: NCUR Applications Close

January 2020

Date TBD: Undergraduate Research Orientation: Summer Opportunities

February 2020

Feb 7: Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research
Feb 18: Research on Capitol Hill
Feb 1: Summer URCO Applications Open
Feb 1: SRS Applications Open
Feb 15: Summer URCO Applications Close
Feb 15: SRS Applications Close

March 2020

March 26-28: National Conference on Undergraduate Research

April 2020

Apr 6-10: Research Week
Apr 8-9: Student Research Symposium
Apr 11: Robins Awards
Dates TBD: Posters on the Hill
Dates TBD: World Congress on Undergraduate Research

June 2020

June 1: Fall URCO Applications Open
June 15: Fall URCO Applications Close