Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Internships and Fellowships

Research Description

Are you an undergraduate student currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree who is looking for an opportunity to enhance your education in a STEM-related discipline? The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education administers a variety of STEM internship and fellowship programs for undergraduate students at national laboratories and other federal research facilities across the United States.

By conducting real-world research and networking with mentors and fellow students, you will gain a better knowledge of your anticipated field of study and may even expand your expertise into a number of new areas.

Whether you are seeking a summer, fall or spring internship, or a longer-term research opportunity to provide hands-on laboratory experience, ORISE has a program for you.

Application deadlines vary by opportunity, but most are in February.

Qualifications and Requirements

Qualifications vary for the numerous internships and fellowships, but Oak Ridge Institute primarily seeks STEM-related disciplines. Search their catalog to see what opportunities you are eligible for.

Financial Compensation

Compensation varies depending on the opportunity/ies you pursue! Learn more about individual funding packages by finding specific internships and fellowships.