Getting Started

New to undergraduate research? Here are a few resources to help you get started. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Additionally, check out our informative resources.

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The Office of Research has many resources to help you get started with undergraduate research here at Utah State University. Research is possible within every college and department. Anyone can get involved! A great starting point is learning more about what research is being done throughout the university. Click the button below to look through the Undergraduate Research Guidebook. This guidebook will lead you through the main components of undergraduate research.

Undergraduate Research Guidebook

After you have learned the basic components of undergraduate research, the next step is to get directly involved. You can do this by getting in contact with different professors on campus and gaining a faculty mentor. To do this, you may have to go outside of your comfort zone. The USU Science Writing Center offers this great resource for drafting emails to your professors. Don’t forget to ask if they accept undergraduates into their research and be specific about why you want to work with them on their research.

If you need help finding a professor whose research is right for you, click the button below. We will help you find a research opportunity.

Find a Research Mentor