Documenting Undergraduate Research Mentoring in DM, Tenure/Promotion File, and CV

A guide from the Office of Research

According to USU University Code 405, undergraduate research mentoring can be considered as evidence of efficacy or excellence under the general category of teaching, while research activities and products, including those co-authored or co-created with students fall under the category of research. Depending on your role statement, you may want to emphasize your role as a teacher or as a researcher through the documentation of your undergraduate research mentoring activities.

This is a short guide to help you ensure that your important contributions in this area are sufficiently highlighted in your documentation for promotion and tenure as well as in your productivity report (Digital Measures). Collecting this kind of documentation will also help when it comes to writing certain types of grant proposals (such as NSF REU proposals or NIH R-15s) that include your expertise in undergraduate research mentoring as an evaluative factor. Here, we are mostly focused on UR mentoring, but much of what follows applies equally to graduate research mentors.