Glen Wright


Glen Wright Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Mentor: Dr. Andreas Wesemann Developing Silent Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Unmanned Aerial Systems, commonly known as drones, represent a unique development in the technology industry. Adapting from their initial recreational status, they are employed for many applications on a professional level. Their rise in popularity and commercial production [...]

Nathan Guymon


Nathan Guymon Biological Engineering Mentor: Dr. Ron Sims Bioenergy and Waste Reduction from Municipal Reclaimed Water This project is a collaboration with Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility, WesTech-Inc., and the Sustainable Waste to Bioproducts Engineering Center focused on using algae to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. Excess nutrients in waterways have the [...]

Rebecca Visser


Rebecca Visser Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences Mentor: Dr. Young- Min Lee Construction of a Live Chimeric Zika Vaccine Through the Expression of Viral Envelope Proteins Zika virus (ZIKV), a mosquito-borne flavivirus, has become a global health concern due to an unprecedented large outbreak in the Americas. ZIKV is phylogenetically related to other [...]

Kyleigh Tyler


Kyleigh Tyler Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences Mentor: Dr. Jeff Mason Germ Cell-Depleted Ovaries Increase Lifespan and Restore Health In many species, including humans, a decline in reproductive ability is associated with many deleterious health conditions. Some species maintain reproductive ability throughout life, and reproductive decline is often associated with the end of [...]

Casey Trout


Casey Trout Environment and Society Mentor: Dr. Courtney Flint Utah Wellbeing Study: Environment Insights Wellbeing and the components that contribute to it have been of interest to humans as far back as time can tell. The literature on the facets of wellbeing has evolved in recent years to encompass a multitude of factors, [...]

Elizabeth Starrett


Elizabeth Starrett Psychology Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Roark The Art of Seduction: College Male Perceptions of Sexual Willingness The body of sexual assault research historically focuses on survivors, specifically female survivors. This fails to consider half the people involved. Newly released research shows men predominantly react with guilt, shame, and depression when accused of [...]

Spencer Sproul


Spencer Sproul Political Science Mentor: Briana Bowen Fake News!: Russian Disinformation Targets Cognitive Biases in Physical and Cyber Mediums “Fake news” is old news. It is generally well accepted that Russia tampered with the 2016 elections and spreads misinformation, but current conversation regarding these practices are missing an important piece. Large proportions of [...]

Spencer Smith


Spencer Smith Biology Mentor: Dr. Jessica Habashi Survey of Bird Window Collisions at Utah State University-Brigham City Regional Campus This study was undertaken to examine the incidence of bird-window collisions at Utah State University (USU)-Brigham City’s Classroom and Student Services (C&SS) Building. Bird-window collisions are a major cause of bird mortality in the [...]

William Price


William Price Wildland Resources Mentor: Dr. Eric Thacker Establishment of Fuel Breaks in Northwestern Utah Frequent wildfires in the Great Basin have caused significant shifts in species composition. These frequent fires are driven by invasive annual grasses, particularly cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum). The annual grass fueled fires can permanently alter critical habitat for sage-grouse. [...]

Hannah Penner


Hannah Penner Political Science Mentor: Jeannie Johnson Cultural Traits of Salvadoran Gangs Offer Chance for U.S. to Weaken MS-13 MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) was founded by Salvadoran immigrants fleeing a harsh civil war in California during the 1980s. It became an international organization after deportation tactics in the LA barrios exported the threat to [...]