Posters On The Hill

Applications Open: September 4, 2019

Applications Close: November 5, 2019


Every spring, the Council on Undergraduate Research holds a poster session at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The event is highly selective and researchers’ submissions are judged by a national panel of experts in that field. Only the best candidates are chosen to present at Posters On The Hill (POTH). The benefits of presenting at POTH are:

  • A chance to represent USU on the national stage and help make the case for Federal funding of research at the heart of the nation’s government
  • An expenses-covered trip to Washington D.C. in springtime, the best season of the year
  • An opportunity for you and your mentor to draw attention to the important work you are doing in your field

Utah State University is a CUR Institutional Member, so any student from USU can apply to present at POTH. In order to apply, you would need to prepare the following information:

  • The lead student submitter information (such as name, institution, degree, etc.)
  • Additional co-Author information
  • Advisor information (including contact information)
  • Qualifications
    • Biographical Information (such as a CV)
    • Presentation Experience
    • Letter of Recommendation
  • Your research (Poster, Abstract, Significance, etc.)
  • Funding used for research
  • Notification Information (Neil Abercrombie, Government Relations)

If you are interested in applying, the Office of Research can help you compile, organize, structure, and submit your applications materials. Let us know if you are considering POTH as a possibility. Please apply below.

Andrew (AJ) Walters
Andrew (AJ) Walters2019 POTH Attendee
USU undergraduate AJ Walters was accepted to present his research at the 2019 Posters On The Hill. He was chosen as the singular representative from Utah to present his research poster entitled “Characterization and Genetic Engineering of Bacteria for the Production of Fixed Nitrogen Fertilizers on Mars”. Congratulations, AJ!