World Congress on Undergraduate Research

3rd WorldCUR Dates and Location TBD

The World Congress on Undergraduate Research (WorldCUR) is a new presentation opportunity that is available to the best undergraduate researchers around the world. This event focuses on using multiple research disciplines to focus on some of the most significant challenges facing the global community. This opportunity will allow students from all over the world to make new international connections, disseminate research that can change the world, and discuss global issues in a global setting. As we learn more about the 3rd WorldCUR, we will update this page with current information, as all students are encouraged to apply if they believe that this opportunity is right for them.

The 2019 WorldCUR held in Oldenburg, Germany offered a 2019 Congress Booklet, highlighting the poster presentations, schedule of events, oral presentations, and social programs. Follow the link below to view this booklet and get a better idea of how this program works and what it can offer you.

Congress Booklet

Below is an interactive map of the 2019 WorldCUR. Included on the map are different tour locations that the 2019 participants could visit, geocaching locations that were sponsored by WorldCUR, and a few of the presenters and their research interests.