URF Ambassadors

Our Undergraduate Research Fellowship Ambassadors are here to help students learn about the program and get involved. Reach out for guidance in understanding research, applying for the fellowship, and learning about the undergraduate research experience. As current outstanding research fellows, ambassadors are the best source for an inside perspective on research at Utah State University.

Isaiah Olsen envelope icon

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Mathematics

Isaiah is from Pocatello, Idaho and comes to USU for the Aerospace Engineering program. Currently, he is researching the viability of Genetic Algorithms (GA) with Newtonian solvers in convex problems. This research mainly focuses on optimizing a given function, approaching the correct value via various methods, and creating a systematic approach to solve similar problems. 

Isaiah hopes to attend Graduate School in Aerospace Engineering with a more math-heavy focus followed by a career in the Aerospace Industry. He also enjoys backpacking, camping, skiing, kayaking and weightlifting, and is a part of various groups here at USU.

Anneka Walton envelope icon

Major: Nutrition Science

Minors: Public Health, Disability Studies, and Chemistry

Anneka is from Richland, WA. She loves spending time with friends and family, making food, exploring nature, reading, and enjoying all that USU has to offer. Anneka loves studying just about anything having to do with medicine and healthcare, but is especially excited by public health, genetics, and nutrition. She is also very interested in research on patient provider interactions, healthcare disparities, and what can be done to improve both.

Anneka hopes to attend graduate school and work in the medical field to improve the lives of those in underprivileged communities.