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[testimonial_item title=”Testimonial title 1″ name=”Britany Chamberlain”]Outreach is a term usually connotative with K-12 students, but I believe it should extend to all ages. Through SWE, I’ve been able to inform current college students and plenty of parents about engineering and STEM as a whole.[/testimonial_item]
Undergraduate Research
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Currently a senior at Utah State University (USU) studying Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Business. My scholarly interests include propulsion, fluid mechanics, marketing, and business management. I have been involved with research since my first semester at USU–primarily in rocket propulsion. In addition to research, I am the president of USU’s chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and enjoy overseeing activities promoting professional development and outreach to other student.

Outreach is a term usually connotative with K-12 students, but I believe it