Project Description

Catherine Miner

Art History and Political Science


Catherine Miner is majoring in Art History and Political Science. Miner said Utah State has helped her grow and develop in Logan but has also served as a platform for her to go and try new things through research and internships. “This summer I’m doing an internship in Washington DC, writing for my research project after work and running around art museums on the weekends,” she said.  “It’s really dreamy.” 

Miner said she met a URF who was a biology major and they said that to get involved with research they found a lab they were interested in and volunteered to help. “I figured I was competent enough to do the same thing,” Miner said.  

Miner researched all of the political science professors and determined who was working in the subject areas she was interested in. Two days after an email to a professor she had a research position.  

Miner’s current project is an attempt to make political geographical understanding accessible to the general public. She’s working on her project with professor Colin Flint. They post geopolitical analysis of current events on their website Aggies GO! 

Miner said, “Undergraduates should get involved in research because it is the best way to personalize your educational experience. Research allows students to develop specific skills and receive professional feedback. It has helped me broaden my capabilities and apply what I learn at school to what I want to do after I graduate.”