Project Description

Michaela Brubaker

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences


Michaela Brubaker is an Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Science major with an emphasis in Bioveterinary Science. She’s from Medford, Oregon and a Junior in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences. 

Brubaker said she got involved in research because she wanted an extra way outside of the classroom to gain more knowledge and apply the skills she was learning in her classes. “I think it’s opened a lot of different opportunities for me,” she said. “I’ve also met a lot of smart interesting people who have similar values and career goals to me.” 

Brubaker received an URCO grant that she and three other students will be working on. Brubaker said she’s excited to have her own project and see it through from start to finish.  

“Research makes your college experience a lot more well-rounded and in depth compared to what you get in a classroom,” she said. “It really lets you apply all the knowledge and skills you’ve learned and opens more doors.”