The Undergraduate Research Fellowship is a program designed to assist high-achieving students prepare for their future careers. We do this by providing research opportunities, providing research funding, hosting, promoting and attending events where students can both network and present their research. The goal of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies is to prepare students for their careers and give them necessary skills and experience to become competitive within their discipline.

On average, there are 100 Undergraduate Research Fellows on Utah State’s campus. We accept no more than 30 new research fellows each year. Each fellow is given a faculty mentor upon entering the program. 63.5% of Utah State University’s faculty have mentored a student in their research.

Undergraduate Research Fellows are engaged in all fields of study and all disciplines. Student-led research has been conducted on ecosystems, insects, genetic structures of cells, as well as teen socialization, religion, political parties, climate change, rape culture, etc. Whatever you want to study and pursue, there’s a place for you in undergraduate research.