Jessica Christensen


Jessica Christensen Animal and Veterinary Sciences 2017 Jessica Christensen is an Animal and Veterinary Science major. Her research aims to help farmers increase their profit by analyzing data from milking cows.   “If we don’t ask questions and find the answers,” she said, “how can we ever progress?”  Jessica created a guidebook for farmers who will be using the [...]

Kira Anjewierden


Kira Anjewierden Caine College of Arts 2017 Kira Anjewierden is a Music Therapy major. Music therapy is used to strengthen neural pathways and create a structure that resonates with someone.   Kira said she struggled to find a project that was directly within her field but gained experience by participating in research in a related discipline.   Kira’s [...]

Johnny Hansen


Johnny Hansen Emma Eccles College of Education 2017 Johnny Hansen works with Dr. Goodridge in the Physics Education department. Johnny wants to pursue a career as a teacher. He researches new ways to teach spatial awareness to high school students. Spatial awareness is the measurement of one's ability to solve relationships in three-dimensional space.   One of the goals [...]

Tucker Gamble


Tucker Gamble 2017 Tucker Gamble does his research with Kinesiology and Health Science professor, Chris Dakin. They research the vestibular system within the inner ear and how it affects balance. Their goal is to find ways to help older people keep their balance, specifically when walking up or down stairs.   Tucker said, "When I can [...]