Anders Hart


Anders Hart Natural Resources 2018 Anders Hart is from Salt Lake City and came to Utah State as a Natural Resources major. His research focuses on restoring native vegetation in Great Salt Lake wetlands using seed enhancement technology. Anders said he's always been interested in his field and really wanted to get involved in more applied [...]

Dana Sorensen


Dana Sorensen College of Engineering 2018 Dana Sorensen is from Alpine, Utah. He’s a Senior in College of Engineering, studying Computer Engineering. Sorensen said he saw undergraduate research as a good opportunity to get involved. “I didn’t really know what I was getting into but I applied for the honors program and the Undergraduate Research [...]

Michaela Brubaker


Michaela Brubaker College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences 2018 Michaela Brubaker is an Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Science major with an emphasis in Bioveterinary Science. She’s from Medford, Oregon and a Junior in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences.  Brubaker said she got involved in research because she wanted an extra way outside of the classroom [...]

Rachel Sagers


Rachel Sagers College of Science 2018 Rachel Sagers is studying Human Biology and Public Health with an environmental emphasis. She got involved in research because she finds it empowering to be able to find research projects that are of interest to her. Sagers dedicated her last research project to saving birds on campus. Birds will [...]

Paul Consalvo


Paul Consalvo College of Engineering 2018 Paul Consalvo is an Engineering major at Utah State. Consalvo said internships are usually a one-time deal where you work for a couple months to get some experience but with undergraduate research you can continue adapting your project. “Research really applies to a professional setting in the same way an internship does,” [...]