*Spencer Hudson

2021 Awardee

College of Science


A senior PhD candidate at Utah State, Spencer Hudson earned a bachelor’s degree at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois, where he studied the physiological effects of bird feeding on wild passerines. Hudson continues to focus on the impacts of anthropogenic disturbances on wildlife health for his dissertation. In particular, he is examining the demographic, physiological and genetic consequences of urbanization for reptiles. Hudson has received multiple awards through both internal and external funding sources for his work, which has led to several peer-reviewed papers, presentations at professional meetings and a departmental seminar as a visiting researcher. While pursuing his studies, Hudson provided a wide array of opportunities for student education, research experience and outreach at the university and secondary education level. For the remainder of his time as a PhD candidate and career biologist, he plans to continue taking integrative approaches to answer ecological questions for the scientific community.