Matthew Clegg

College of Engineering

Biological Engineering

Matt was born in Bountiful, Utah as the youngest of five children. He enjoys playing sports, primarily soccer, basketball, and pickleball. He has also played piano for 22 years. After serving a two-year proselyting mission in Finland, Matt attended the University of Utah-the alma mater of all four Clegg siblings-for 2 years. Wanting a more fulfilling “college experience,” he transferred to the Department of Biological Engineering at Utah State University in Fall 2014. In that same semester, he started working for the University A-Team, the group responsible for new student orientation. Matt also worked for the Division of Technology Transfer Services as an Intellectual Property Assistant from 2015 – 2018. He helped to evaluate university technologies on novelty, non-obviousness, and marketability. Matt also supported research report compliance for federally-funded university projects. Matt is currently a concurrent BS/MS student in the Department of Biological Engineering. He completed his undergraduate course requirements in December 2017 and began full-time graduate work in January 2018. Matt works in Dr. Elizabeth Vargis’ Tissue Engineering Lab designing a platform for growing muscle cells along a suspended substrate.This device is a three-dimensional cell culture platform, a vast improvement from traditional two-dimensional cell culture models.