Mark Kreider

2020 Awardee

S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources

Wildland Resources

Mark Kreider is an Ecology M.S. student in the Department of Wildland Resources in the Quinney College of Natural Resources. He is from North Newton, KS and earned a B.A. from Goshen College (IN) in 2018, majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in music.

Under the counsel of Dr. Larissa Yocom, his current research explores factors that influence post-fire forest regeneration. He has spent the past two summers camping and working in remote southern Utah, carefully documenting the return of native trees after a large forest fire and conducting experiments on factors that control the success of seedlings. A recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, Mark plans to begin a PhD in the next year and pursue a career as a research ecologist.

Mark is an avid adventure photographer, enjoys cooking, backpacking, and skiing, and will perform a piano concerto with the USU Symphony Orchestra in April 2020.