Sharon Lyman

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies

Sharon Lyman is a driven teacher, researcher, and scholar. As a graduate student in the Master of Second Language Teaching program, she conducted research relevant to the teaching of English as a second or foreign language and the field of Second Language Acquisition (SLA).

She researched English as a Foreign Language (EFL) trends in China and looked at the wider implications these trends had for the global teaching of English. She also researched how the cooperative learning approach of jigsaw reading could be used to teach and formatively assess adult ESL learners. She presented her findings along with practical approaches for how to do this in ESL classrooms at the Classroom Assessment in Language Teaching (CALT) conference held last year held in Missoula, Montana and will do so again at the master’s forum of the international TESOL conference this year.

Upon completing her master’s degree, Sharon plans to teach EFL abroad and ESL to immigrants and refugees in the United States before she pursues a PhD. in Applied Linguistics. After which, she hopes to teach intensive English to international students and linguistics courses to undergraduate students at a university.