Susan Washko

2018 Awardee

S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources

Susan is an Ecology MSc student in the Department of Watershed Sciences. She is from Cleveland, Ohio, and attended Allegheny College in northwest Pennsylvania for her bachelors degree. Susan first discovered her love of aquatic community ecology while studying caddisflies in ponds of different drying regimes at multiple elevations while working as an undergrad research assistant at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. At USU, Susan studies differences in macroinvertebrate community composition between beaver-inhabited streams and streams without beavers, as well as differences in the trout populations and trout foraging. She hopes to continue on an academic track, aspiring to be a professor and spread her passion of aquatic ecology to future students. Susan enjoys exploring the outdoors, running, swimming, speaking Spanish, cooking, singing, and gardening.