Camille Weber

Caine College of the Arts


Camille Rebecca Jensen Weber, 26, is a Logan native. She owes her interest in research to her parents, a piano teacher and an aerospace engineer.After beginning piano lessons at age 4, Camille spent her youth competing in events such as the USU and Weber State Piano Festivals, UMTA and UtahSymphony competitions, and the Carnegie Hall Youth Program. As a high schooler, she performed concertos with orchestras on a few occasions.However, upon beginning her bachelor’s degree at USU, she found that her interest in research and pedagogy outweighed her interest in performing.Camille’s graduate education has been centered on historical female composers and disrupting their traditional exclusion from the musical canon. She maintains a sizable piano studio, currently comprised of sixteen students, where she emphasizes diversity in repertoire ( She encourages her students to question why musicians routinely perform the same pieces and to explore other options, including female composers and composers of color and non-Western cultures. She lives in Providence with her husband, 2-year-old son, and baby boy on the way.