Olivia Brock

2022 Awardee

Caine College of the Arts

Art and Design Department

"I am nominating Olivia Brock for Outstanding Senior in the Department of Art and Design. Olivia is an extraordinary student and indeed, an all-around extraordinary human being. Since she first turned up in my office as a freshman, five years ago, I have been constantly impressed and even dumbstruck by the range of her intellect, her unflagging work ethic, and the playful curiosity that motivates her to use all the powers of her mind to investigate the world around her and share her enthusiasm for
learning with others. I am not alone in recognizing Olivia’s outstanding qualities as a scholar. She has been selected, among other honors, as a Caine Scholar, a Caine Summer Arts Research grant recipient (twice!), an Undergraduate Research Fellow, an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow, an Undergraduate Writing Fellow, and a member of the USU Honors program. This year, she is CCA’s Undergraduate Researcher of the Year, and a candidate for the university-wide Peak Prize. She was also awarded the
Katzenberger Art History Internship at the National Air and Space Museum (Smithsonian Institution) in the summer on 2021, building on her experience as a Curatorial Intern at the Norah Eccles Harrison Museum of Art at USU. And this is only a partial list of the competitive positions she has earned for herself in her time as an undergraduate."

Olivia Brock Headshot