Osvaldo Gonzalez

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences

Osvaldo Gonzalez was born to a Mexican immigrant family in Pomona, California and grew up in enclaved Spanish-speaking communities in urban southern California. Despite growing up in cities and not having much contact with farm animals growing up, Osvaldo developed an interest in farming and livestock through his father’s lifestyle in rural Mexico. Osvaldo was raised listening to how his father tended corn fields, rode horses, and more importantly milked cows for cheese production. A passion for livestock developed within him, which pursued him to take a job on a small, local dairy farm upon arriving at Utah State University. Osvaldo is studying Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences with an emphasis in Animal and Dairy Science.Throughout his college career, he has served as an ambassador for the USU College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, secretary and treasurer of theUSU Dairy Science Club, and as an undergraduate researcher for Dr. Fernanda Batistel’s Ruminant Nutrition Lab. He has presented his research at the Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference and USU ADVS Research Symposium. Upon graduation, he hopes to use research to improve nutritional efficiency and management on dairy farms. He also hopes to minimize barriers among immigrant workers, dairy farmers, and the general public. Apart from research and his studies, Osvaldo enjoys hiking, martial arts, driving four wheelers, and playing the bass guitar.