Jake Hogan

Caine College of the Arts

Theatre Arts

Jake is a Senior at USU, studying Theatre Education and English Teaching. They are excited to become an arts educator out in schools accomplishing meaningful work! They became interested in doing a devised theatre project after taking the Applied Theatre class from professor Matt Omasta. Their initial LGBTQIA+ devised theatre project began in the Fall of 2018, was performed in the Fall of 2019 and an article about that work was recently accepted to be published by ‘Critical Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies’, under the title; “Performing the Lived Experiences of LGBTQIA+ Individuals fromReligious Backgrounds”. This research was presented at an undergraduate research presentation for the American Alliance for Theatre and Education inNew York City, at USU’s Student Research Symposium, Research on Capitol Hill, and the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research. In the summer and fall of 2020 Jake, and creative partner Aubrey Felty, created an original audio-immersive theatre piece centered on local legends titled: A Walk with the Remembered, which allowed participants to experience theatre as a self-guided COVID safe walking tour. Involvement in research and creative projects have helped Jake develop their skills as a future theatre educator and demonstrated how influential and important undergraduate research is.