Hannah Johnson

Emma Eccles Jones College of Education & Human Services


Hannah Johnson is a senior at USU earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is interested in behavioral clinical research. Since 2019, she has served as a research assistant in Dr. Odum’s Behavior Analysis Lab and Dr. Levin and Dr. Twohig’s Clinical/Counseling Lab. She has worked on data collection and analysis with human and animal subjects, meta-analyses, and presented her research at USU. She is currently preparing multiple manuscripts and international presentations for submission. Hannah’s interest in both basic and applied psychology inspired her to synthesize the two fields of study. This led her to begin independent research investigating behavior analysis and how it connects to psychological flexibility among depressed individuals. Her research proposal was awarded a USU URCO grant with which she was able to fund the creation of a unique video game that is designed to measure operant variability. Data collection for this study will be complete in early 2021 and current data show promising results. She anticipates this study could lead to improving therapeutic measures and treatments for depressed individuals. Upon graduation, Hannah hopes to continue to develop her career in which she will improve treatments for depression and provide therapy for lower socioeconomic communities.