Kimberlie Young

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Languages, Philosophy, and Communication Studies

Kimber Young is a senior at Utah State University and has a passion for the Chinese culture, people and language. She has been studying Chinese for six years and has participated in many research projects about Chinese literature and teaching styles. She is an English Teaching major and a ChineseTeaching minor. She is passionate about literature and poetry and began teaching High School English at Taylorsville High School in January of 2021.Kimber grew up in Riverton, Utah, but has also lived in New York City, China, and hopes to keep traveling the world. She is currently serving as an ambassador for the Critical Language Scholarship program, which is funded by the U.S. Department of State and gives students opportunities to study abroad and participate in a high-intensive language learning environment. Kimber loves to socialize, read, write, and watercolor paint in her spare time.