To be able to receive federal funding and to conduct research or teaching with animals the University must have an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) that complies with federal regulations and policies.

The Institutional Official or their designee appoints all members of the IACUC. At USU the Vice President for Research is the Institutional Official.

Federal regulations and policy identify a minimum committee size of five individuals while also identifying specific roles which must be filled by voting members of the committee for an IACUC to be properly constituted. An institution may have a committee larger than the minimum required by federal policy. An institution may also have non-voting members which can assist the function of the committee by providing subject matter expertise or administrative support.

Voting IACUC Members


The chair facilitates proper committee conduct in the review of animal use protocols.


A non-scientist is an individual who does not use animals in their teaching or research. This person represents the non-scientific perspective of animal research.

University Attending Veterinarian

An individual with appropriate training and/or experience in the care of laboratory animals. This individual must have direct or delegated responsibility over the animal care and use program of the institution. At USU the University Attending Veterinarian also acts as the IACUC Administrator to oversee the day-to-day functioning of the IACUC.


A scientist is defined as an individual who uses animals in their teaching or research activities.

Nonaffiliated Member

This member is not affiliated with the university and represents community values.

Non-voting IACUC Members

IACUC Secretary

Non-voting member providing administrative support for the function of the IACUC.

Environmental Health and Safety Representatives

Non-voting member providing subject matter expertise on safety issues associated with the use of animals in teaching or research.

The USU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee meets all requirements.

It has been a goal of the USU IACUC to include representation from a broad range of department that make use of the committee’s services. In the past 15 years there have been committee members from the following departments: Nutrition, Food Science and Dietetics, Biology, Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences, Wildland Resources, Plants, Soils and Climate and the Poisonous Plant Research Laboratory. With the exception of the University Attending Veterinarian, all voting IACUC members serve on a volunteer basis.