Protocol Management

All IACUC protocol activities are conducted within Kuali.

Access Kuali Protocols

Renew or Amend an Application


A de novo renewal is required after one year for those protocols that involve species covered by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and after three years on all other protocols. All aspects of the protocol need to be carefully reviewed for significant changes and updating. Particular attention needs to be given to numbers of animals needed over the next approval period and updating of the two literature searches. Renewals for approved existing protocols should to be submitted 6 weeks prior to the expiration date in order for the IACUC to review the protocol before it expires.

To make changes to a protocol during the renewal process use the Amend/Renewal feature within Kuali.


Amendments are required when any significant change occurs in a protocol such as change of study objectives, changes in animal use procedures, changes in funding source, graduate student or other personnel, procedures and pain category, increasing animal number, change of species, use of anesthetic or analgesic agents, or methods of euthanasia.

To submit an amendment select the Amend function within the protocol form in Kuali.