Per Diem Rates

Per diem rates shown are for FY23[a], effective August 1, 2022.

For the most up-to-date information on per diem rates or for any other questions, please contact Aaron Olsen at (435) 797-8141 or Lisa DeSoi at (435) 797-3660.

Species Rate per diem
Chinchilla/Rabbit[b] $8.50
Guinea Pig $1.24
Guinea Pig (BSL-3)[c] $1.95
Hamster/Gerbil $2.02
Hamster/Gerbil (BSL-3) $2.48
Immuno[b] $0.75
Mouse $1.03
Mouse (BSL-2) $1.17
Mouse (BSL-3) $1.37
Mouse (Single)[b] $0.60
Naked Mole Rat[c] $1.45
Pigeon $0.73
Rat[c] $1.25
Sheep/Goat/Swine[c] $15.00
  1. [a] An analysis of rates from peer institutions shows that the FY23 rates remain competitive.
  2. [b] New rate offered
  3. [c] Rate increase above 3%

Future cost analysis and rate calculation

Cost analysis and rate calculations will be done on an annual basis moving forward to identify and minimize shortages. It is recommended that users incorporate an annual rate increase of 3% for per diem charges when submitting budget proposals.