Per Diem Rates

As outlined in USU accounting guidelines, the Federal Government requires all service centers to calculate an updated per diem rate at least every other year. USU encourages 
service center managers to periodically review break-even status and cash balances to determine if a more frequent rate calculation is necessary. To meet Federal requirements, 
a cost analysis and rate calculation for the USU Laboratory Animal Research Center (LARC) has been completed using the Cost Analysis and Rate Setting Manual for Animal 
Resource Facilities provided by the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Due to minimum wage requirements for employees working on federal contracts and significantly higher inflation costs, a rate increase is necessary for FY24. Beginning 
August 1, 2023, an increase of 3% will be applied to all per diem rates (see Table 1 for FY24 rates). This across-the-board increase is equal to the recommended inflationary 
increase that has been in place for proposal budgeting.

Please direct questions to Branden Blanchard ( or 7-9841)

Species Current Rate Rate Effective 8/1/23
Chinchilla/Rabbit $8.50 $8.76
Guinea Pig $1.24 $1.28
Guinea Pig (BSL-3) $1.95 $2.01
Hamster/Gerbil $2.02 $2.08
Hamster/Gerbil (BSL-2)* N/A $2.25
Hamster/Gerbil (BSL-3) $2.48 $2.55
Immuno** $0.75 $0.77
Mouse $1.03 $1.06
Mouse (BSL-2) $1.17 $1.21
Mouse (BSL-3) $1.37 $1.41
Mouse (Single) $0.60 $0.62
Naked Mole Rat $1.45 $1.49
Pigeon $0.73 $0.75
Rat $1.25 $1.29
Sheep/Goat/Swine $15.00 $15.45

*New rate offered
**Immuno includes sterilized caging, food, and water. This rate is in addition to the base species rate.

Future cost analysis and rate calculation

Cost analysis and  rate  calculations will be  done  on  an  annual basis moving forward  to identify and minimize shortages. It is recommended that users incorporate an annual rate increase of 3% for per diem charges when submitting budget proposals.