USU IRB Training Requirements

The safety, comfort, and well-being of research volunteers is of the utmost importance to the Utah State University IRB. The use of human subjects in your research requires a commitment to ethical standards and regulations that govern research involving human subjects. In an effort to provide comprehensive training on these ethical standards and regulations, Utah State University has made CITI training available to its research community.

All researchers who interact with participants or access their identifiable data must first be certified via CITI. To be certified at Utah State University, researchers must complete the Human Research Curriculum Basic Course, Group 1: Social and Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel (click here for step-by-step registration instructions with screen shots) with an overall score of 80% or better. Researchers are welcome to complete the Group 2 course for IRB Members if they would like, but are not required to do so at this time.

CITI notifies the USU IRB of all Human Research Curriculum completions every evening. The following day, completion information will be entered in the IRB CITI Training Database by our student assistant. If you need the IRB to be notified of your CITI completion on the same day that you have taken it, please email your completion certificate to Current CITI certification needs to be maintained for the duration of all human subjects research, and certification must be renewed every three years.

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Refreshing Your CITI Training

In line with NIH requirements, Utah State University requires training to be refreshed every three years. As that date approaches, CITI will send at least two expiration notices to the email address that you gave them when you created your profile in CITI. Please click here for step-by-step instructions on how to refresh your CITI training for human subjects research.

If your training expires and remains expired for more than one year, the researcher must re-initiate the entire training series by retaking the Basic Course – the USU IRB will not accept a Refresher Course after one year of expired training.

Returning Users & Transferring Previous Training

Returning users may simply log in to CITI and complete their training or refresher courses. If prior login information has been forgotten, click on the “forgot login information” link to recover login information. The USU IRB does not house CITI Account information; that is directly between the user and CITI.

If you have taken CITI training with another institution, you are able to easily transfer your training to Utah State University. After logging in, the last button on your home screen will take you to your institutional affiliation page, where you will be able to select Utah State University as your affiliated institution.


Any issues with the CITI training modules, website, or your CITI account should be directed to CITI at or 888.529.5959. If you have questions about Utah State University’s records of your training, you may call our main office number at 435.797.1821.