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Fire in the West: Appreciating the Inevitable

Fire is a beneficial part of many ecosystems, but in recent decades more and more people have moved into the wildland-urban interface, setting the stage for more “problem fires” that affect the places where many Utahns live, work, and play. We have some choice in how or when wildfires occur, but it’s counterproductive to remove all fire from the landscape. Adjusting our perception of fire as a natural and necessary tool rather than purely as a threat can help us better manage our landscapes and future fires.

On June 22, 2021, we discussed the latest in wildfire science and management, including:

  • Which aspects of the “fire triangle” we can control
  • Using fire as a tool to limit “disaster fires”
  • Fuel management to reduce severity of fires
  • Focusing less on the number of acres burned and more on human impact

This event featured a presentation by Dr. Larissa Yocom, followed by a live question-and-answer session.

Both segments of the event are available to watch below. You can also listen to Dr. Yocom on the Instead Podcast.

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Dr. Larissa Yocom
Wildland Resources Department

Main Presentation

Post-event Q&A