Zoom Help Guide

This year’s Research Landscapes will be hosted on Zoom, a video web conferencing software. We are excited to host speakers and have a new, virtually interactive conference. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, this page will help you with the software. You will need to download the free software on your desktop or phone to access the conference. A Zoom account is not necessary to access the call.

There are two viewing options for Zoom: speaker and gallery. Speaker displays a large view of the person currently speaking with a smaller view of participants videos. Gallery displays 25 participants on each screen with the active speaker highlighted. For meetings with larger than 25 participants there is an arrow to display the next group of participants videos. If you need more help, explore other display options from Zoom support.

Please feel free to use the chat feature to talk to presenters and participants. The chat is accessed by hovering over the zoom window with your cursor and an interface will appear. Click on the chat button to access the message board. A pop-out window of the chat is available by clicking on the the three dots and selecting pop-out window. The chat can be resized by hovering your cursor over the borders of the chat window and dragging.

Links may be provided in the chat and will disappear after the call has ended. These links will be provided in a follow-up email.

We recommend you have your video turned on while you participate, but, it is not a requirement. Hover over the Zoom window with your cursor to bring up the Zoom user interface. Click start video to display your webcam. The caret key brings up a context menu to select the webcam source and other video settings.

If you prefer to have your video off, we recommend attaching a profile image to your account, which you can do in your account settings. You can even upload a photo of you in your favorite Utah landscape!

Download Zoom

How to Participate

Changing Display Name

How to Change your Display Name

Display Name

Right-clicking or hovering over your display with your cursor will bring up a context menu to change your display name and organization.

Waiting Room

Once you join the meeting, the host will bring you into the call with the other attendees

Just hang tight!

Not sure if you’re in the right place? After you’ve clicked the link to join the Zoom meeting you’ll be entered into a waiting room. The host will then admit you to the full call and you’ll be ready to go!

Mute and Umute

When joining the Zoom call, you will be muted.


In order to speak, hover your cursor over the Zoom window to bring up the user interface. Press the unmute button to speak. Holding the space bar key unmutes your microphone, as well.

Virtual Backgrounds.

Want to hide your background? You are able to set your own virtual background without a green screen! Click the caret next to the start video button, and select the choose a virtual background option in the drop-down menu. Default background images are included with Zoom, and if you want to choose a custom photo click the plus button and select an image from your files. You can also access this image folder to use one of our shots of beautiful Utah landscapes.

Still having trouble?

If you’re still experiencing other issues joining the Zoom call, you can search through the Zoom Help Center, or contact a member of our team directly, before or during the event, by emailing Bodie Schieffer at bodie.schieffer@usu.edu.

Download Zoom