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The Fellowship

Offering unparalleled support and access to resources at USU, the Presidential Doctoral Research Fellowship (PDRF) program is more than a financial aid package. PDRFs receive the mentorship and training necessary to assist them in becoming leaders in their fields of study.

The PDRF program provides USU’s most driven and dedicated graduate students opportunities to connect with top researchers, administrators, and leaders. PDRFs comprise an interdisciplinary cohort, offering each student a unique environment to develop academic relationships with other doctoral students across the university.

With just under 50 fellows on campus at any time, fellowship positions are competitive and available in limited disciplines each year. There is no central application process to be considered for a Presidential Doctoral Research Fellowship; departments with an available fellowship will nominate their preferred candidates to the Office of Research.

The Fellows

Our Presidential Doctoral Research Fellows represent all PhD-awarding colleges at USU, ensuring that you’ll meet a diverse and interdisciplinary cohort of researchers over the course of your degree. Fellows develop a support network of driven, intellectual researchers from this pool of students, meet leading faculty researchers throughout the university, and receive additional opportunities to get involved in the university’s broad culture of research excellence through mentoring and service experiences.

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