Paige Boyle

Paige Boyle
Program: PhD in Ecology
Mentor: Dr. Kelly Kopp

Paige Boyle came to USU following her Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at the University of Arkansas. She met her current mentor, Dr. Kelly Kopp, through her Master’s degree mentor and found that Dr. Kopp shared her research interests. In her free time, Paige enjoys reading, hiking, and kayaking.

Her current research looks at various clover species and how they interact with Kentucky Bluegrass. She studies the quality, color, weed prevalence, and more in order to discover how the clovers impact the lawn turf ecosystem as a whole.

Her advice to future USU graduate students is to go out, meet people, and find a good support group. “It may be intimidating to go introduce yourself to your office, but do it because you can get a lot of friendships and/or collaboration for new projects from those people.”