Michael Briscoe

Michael Briscoe
Program: PhD in Sociology
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Givens

Michael Briscoe is a Fellow earning his Sociology PhD with a focus in environment and community. He previously studied at the University of Colorado where he received his MA and gained experience working as a counselor. He discovered that he wanted to continue his education and accepted a position as a PDRF at USU in 2017.

Michael’s research focuses on animals and society on multiple levels, with a focus on agriculture. For his dissertation, he is researching farmers and their animal welfare outcomes on small and large scales. Under the mentorship of Dr. Jennifer Givens, Michael has been researching food, energy, and water systems in the Columbia River Basin with faculty and students from across a variety of disciplines.

Michael’s advice is to talk to your advisor about problems or stressors you are dealing with within your research. They can help you work through the issues.