Michelle Burrows

Michelle Burrows
Program: PhD in Agriculture Education
Mentor: Dr. Tyson Sorensen

A wife, mother, scientist, and lifelong learner, Michelle Burrows earned her Bachelors in Animal Science and her Masters in Animal Science and Agriculture Literacy at the University of Nevada Reno. Following her graduation, she taught Agriculture for several years before deciding to further her education through a PhD at Utah State University.

Michelle met her mentor Dr. Tyson Sorensen during her time as a National FFA Teacher ambassador when she came to Utah State for a conference. Her and Dr. Sorensen began talking and she even was a guest lecturer in one of his courses. Once she discovered that Utah State was a good fit for her, she came to Utah State Ag teacher meeting to present some materials for the Utah Ag teachers and while she was here she met Dr. Sorensen. They got to talking and she sent him all her information and began collaborating as he decided she would be a good fit for USU. She gave a guest lecture in his class and found that it worked for her.

Michelle loves the collaboration process between those both within and without her area of research, as it helps her learn more about how it all comes together. Interdisciplinary research is extremely important to her and she fosters that engagement through her work with undergraduate students.

Her advice to future students is “prepare to read A LOT! Be organized and focused, and definitely prepare to read.”