Coleman Hiett

Coleman Hiett
Program: PhD in Geology
Mentor: Dr. Dennis Newell 

Coleman Hiett came to USU with his Bachelor’s degree from CU Boulder, following an internship at the Grand Canyon National park. He is now pursuing his PhD in Geology under the direction of Dr. Dennis Newell. Outside of school and research, Coleman loves to explore the outdoors. He enjoys camping, backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, whitewater rafting, and kayaking.

His research focuses on how compounds such as CO2 and water are stored and transferred between Earth’s major chemical reservoirs, such as the crust, mantle, and oceans. He specifically studies subduction zones in Peru to learn more about this phenomenon.

Following graduation, Coleman is planning on continuing his research through either a government funded job or as a faculty member at a university. He advises incoming graduate students to “make sure you are interested in your research and make sure you get along well with your advisor.”