Additional Funding

Students who apply for the Peak Summer Research Fellowship are not excluded from applying for the summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunity grant, College of Science Minigrant, or College of Humanities and Social Sciences Summer Mentors programs internally, nor from applying for external sources of funding. However, the maximum scholarship amount for Peak Summer Research Fellows will be set at $6,000, meaning that a recipient of multiple awards cannot receive scholarship funds in excess of that amount. The recipient could still accept both awards (if this is allowed by their college or the external funding source), but the Peak funds would be reduced to meet the $6,000 cap, and the remainder returned to the pool for the funding of additional students.

Grants, scholarships, and other types of funding that are awarded to the student for research activity during the fellowship’s ten-week term will be applied towards the cap; external sources of funding that are unrelated, such as student loans or off-campus employment (that will not impact the student’s time commitment to the fellowship) will not be counted towards the cap.

When appropriate, we encourage applicants for the Peak Summer Research Fellowship to co-apply for the summer URCO fellowship; together the two awards would equal $5,000 in scholarship funds and an additional up to $1,000 in research expenses, thus staying within the $6,000 limit and giving the awardee some additional leverage in terms of equipment and materials.