Graduate Student/Research Assistant Insurance

USU has instituted a policy to provide insurance to graduate students who qualify as Research Assistants (RA) and Teaching Assistants (TA).

The University will share the premium costs as follows:

  • University 80% and student 20%. (The University portion may be paid by the department or by the Principal Investigator.)
  • The current school year premium = $2,424.00:





$1,940 University Portion $740 University Portion $1,200 University Portion
Student Portion: $484 Student Portion: $184 Student Portion: $300
Full Premium: $2,424 Full Premium: $924 Full Premium: $1,500

In most instances the university portion qualifies for reimbursement from grants/contracts on which the Research Assistant works. It is recommended that the PI build the costs into their proposal budget.

We offer the following basic information related to sponsored projects:

  • Only the university portion should be included in the proposal budget
  • Reasonable efforts should be made to prorate the costs if the RA is working on multiple projects and/or only working a portion of their time on a particular project.
  • The insurance period will run for an entire year starting from the first day of fall semester.
  • The School of Graduate Studies recommends using an 8% inflationary factor to project future costs.
  • The student is only required to meet the minimum requirements to qualify for the insurance for two semesters each school year. For instance, if the student attends and qualifies for fall and spring semester he/she does not need to attend summer to qualify for the full year of coverage. The qualifications are as follows
    • Graduate students working a minimum of 20 hours/week for one or more months as a Graduate Instructor, Graduate Teaching Assistant, General Graduate Assistant, or Graduate Research Assistant, or
    • Graduate students receiving a fellowship/scholarship/stipend of $10,000 or more for the academic year (excludes private scholarships and tuition awards).
  • The following letter can be provided to sponsors who require documentation of the policy:

For more information

For details on the overall policy and/or questions regarding eligibility please contact The School of Graduate Studies at 435-797-1189. You can access the School of Graduate Studies website via the button below.