Policies and Procedures

USU’s Internal Deadline for Proposal Submission

Effective Monday, October 3, 2022, proposals must be received in Kuali by the Sponsored Programs Office 4 full business days prior to the sponsor deadline. This is an increase of one business day from prior USU SPO policy.

An example of the four (4) full business day timeline is shown below:

Day 1: Monday Day 2: Tuesday Day 3: Wednesday Day 4: Thursday Sponsor Deadline: Friday
Proposal in Kuali due to SPO by 8:00 am with department and college approvals complete   Federal Electronic Submission   Sponsor Deadline 5:00 pm

Proposals that do not meet the four (4) full business day deadline will be reviewed only to the extent time allows and with priority given to ensure compliance with USU requirements. SPO cannot guarantee the successful submission of a late proposal or that the proposal will comply with sponsor requirements.

We strongly encourage PIs to reach out to their designated SPO pre-award (proposal) contact as early as possible in the proposal preparation process for information and guidance.