Disclose an Invention

After disclosing your intellectual property in the Inventor Portal, the Technology Transfer Services team will evaluate your disclosure based on market, patent and commercial potential and work with you on possible commercial development. If any revenue is generated from commercial successes, revenue is shared between the creator and USU.


Identify Intellectual Property to Protect

Your first step is identifying intellectual property to protect. If you’re not sure that something qualifies, the Technology Transfer Services team can help assess your invention or research. Protectable property includes:
  • Patent inventions: Processes, devices, machines and compositions of matter
  • Copyright material: Books, software, music and art
  • Trademarks: Words and symbols associated with goods or services (company names, logos, taglines)
  • Trade secrets: Inventions are kept secret instead of patented

Disclose Your Intellectual Property

Disclose your intellectual property using USU’s Inventor Portal. The process is simple, but contact Technology Transfer Services for assistance if needed. After disclosing your intellectual property, the Technology Transfer Services team will meet with you to review your invention.

Learn what to expect after disclosing your intellectual property.