Technology Transfer Services

Technology Transfer Services at Utah State University protects faculty, staff and students’ intellectual property and works with industry leaders to implement USU-generated technologies. The Technology Transfer team leverages USU intellectual, financial and creative assets while ensuring all legal obligations and sponsorship requirements are met. The office supports the advancement of innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development programs and initiatives on campus.

Contact Technology Transfer Services for assistance at any stage of research or commercialization. Get started by disclosing your invention or research.

Disclosing an Invention

We’ve outlined what you can expect during the processes of disclosing, protecting and commercializing your intellectual property. Individual processes vary depending on the evaluation outcomes.

After disclosing your intellectual property in the Inventor Portal, the Technology Transfer Services team will evaluate your disclosure based on market, patent and commercial potential and work with you on possible commercial development.

Disclosure Information

Explore Licensing Opportunities

"DoubleDown" Littleleaf Mountain Mahogany

This cultivar is a dwarf plant of the species Cercocarpus ledifolius var. intracatus (also referred to as Littleleaf Mountain Mahogany). As a dwarf species of broadleaf evergreen plant, it has the potential to fill a need in the landscape industry or to p...

"Permaquad" Climbing Anchor

The “Permaquad” is an improved, streamlined, and safer version of the “quad anchor” commonly used by climbers. Rock and ice climbing involve obvious risks. Although accidents related to gear failure have declined as the result of technological advances, a...