Creating Great Research Presentations

We all want to be able to effectively communicate our research. At a conference or symposium, though, we have to work hard to get our point across in a very short time in a pretty small space. Beyond the things we say, we can use words, data, images and design of our posters and slides to better communicate our chosen message to our specific audience. Here are some resources to help you get started with sharing your work in the best, most efficient, most genuine way.

Poster Presentations

Most poster presentation events follow similar guidelines, so much of this advice will be relevant to professional conferences, in addition to all USU Office of Research events including the Fall and Spring Student Research Symposia. If you intend to reuse your poster at future events, check their guidelines for any  unique expectations or requirements.

Oral Presentations

An oral presentation is usually more than just reading a paper or set of slides to an audience (though in some disciplines, this is the expectation). How you deliver your presentation is as important in  communicating your message as what you say. Use these guidelines to learn simple tools that help you prepare and present an effective presentation, and design PowerPoint slides that support and enhance your talk.

Create a better research poster in less time

#betterposter, by Mike Morrison

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