Graduate Research

As a graduate student, you serve in numerous roles on campus. You are a student, with coursework and research obligations; many of you are also researchers, teachers, and mentors. While the School of Graduate Studies supports you as a student and the Office of Empowering Teaching Excellence as a teacher, the Office of Research is here to serve you as a researcher and a research mentor.   

Our Graduate Researcher listserv will feature news, information and opportunities that you need to know. We'll keep you in the loop with events, deadlines, opportunities, and resources, as well as celebrate your achievements and recognize your excellence. 

Be a Mentor

  • Evaluate undergraduate presentations at the fall and spring Student Research Symposia
  • Propose to run an undergrad workshop
  • Find an undergrad research assistant or mentee
  • Join the Mentoring Canvas course

Fund Your Research

  • Graduate Research & Creative Opportunities Grant
  • Graduate Enhancement Award
  • Internal funding by college
  • External funding opportunities
  • Presidential Doctoral Research Fellowship 

Research Communication

Awards and Recognition